Eden Design
Upon publication we provide our clients a management system that makes them totally independent in managing contents and activities related to the website. We assist our clients in case of need or request or, alternatively, we directly take care of content management for them. The level of customization of our system is proportional to the demands and needs of the client.

EdenAdmin EdenAdmin EdenAdmin We have developed and improved over the years a CMS (Content Management System) that enables our customers to manage and update intuitively and efficiently all website content (texts and translations, images, videos, catalogues and technical sheets, products, news, events, etc.)
From this management system some applications dedicated to specific sectors and/or activities have developed over the years

EdenShop EdenShop EdenShop A complete and scalable e-commerce system realized with proprietary code that enables full customization both front-end (website graphic layout, cart etc.) and back-end personal application (management of orders and payments, discounts, customer data, invoices etc.)

  • Enables a total customization of graphic layouts
  • Is entirely hosted on a dedicated server, with fixed IP address on request
  • Enables a complete management of online shop
  • Manages payments by credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, COD (cash-on-delivery)
  • Products and catalogues management takes place entirely on your own dedicated website/server
  • You can manage delivery charges for each product/dispatch place
  • Delivery charges can be calculated on the basis of weight, volume, parcel, dispatch place
  • No additional cost or percentage on transactions
  • You can consult your orders history and customer list
  • Allows sales promotions, also for single users, and management of coupons
  • Partial management / shipment of an order is allowed
  • Enables registered users to manage their favourite articles and registration data

EdenTables EdenTables EdenTables Complete system for managing restaurant reservations / tables / activities.

  • Guided booking procedure for users (day, time, zone, number of people, children, notes)
  • Zone and table management with limit for the maximum number of bookings accepted for each sector
  • Print and export booking lists by choosing dates and features
  • Automatically select and print the list of cards to be placed on the tables
  • Automatic and/or manual assignment of the table number to the reservation
  • Possibility to inhibit reservations for particular dates
  • Automatically sends reservation confirmation SMS to users
  • Control credit balance check for SMS messages
  • Management of registered users registry / list
  • Possibility to add a promotional Newsletter sending system
    (see chapter EdenLetter for detailed infos)

EdenLotus EdenLotus EdenLotus A complete management application for B&B, vacation rentals, flats, residences, small hotels, boarding houses, hostels.
Eden Lotus enables you to concentrate different activities in one well organised workplace:

  • Management of the website and its content (texts and translations in 9 languages, images, videos, events etc.) in a fast and easy way
  • Management of online bookings and characteristics relating to rooms/apartments (prices, availability, capacity, minimum stay requirements etc.)
  • Connection to PayPal's secure payment system
  • Enables you to implement the writing and sending of promotional newsletter

Automatic routines and intuitive procedures reduce the time needed for updates.

EdenLetter EdenLetter EdenLetter Through our application EdenLetter you can manage a Mailing List with contacts that can be divided into different groups for the sending out of informational/promotional newsletters graphically consistent with website layout. The platform enables you:

  • A complete management of the Mailing List and Contacts List
  • To configure the Newsletter layout to your liking (colours, templates etc.)
  • To add a specific area for sponsors and their links
  • HTML Format + Plain Text to ensure maximum compatibility
  • An archive of sent Newsletters where you can retrieve the content for a new composition
  • A display of creation and last sending of each Newsletter
  • A time controlled messages transmission through dedicated SMTP
  • Detailed report on each sending, including emails sent and displayed, total number of clicks made by users, clicks on single links, number of subscriptions and deletions after the last sending

Mobile Mobile Mobile In each project we take special care of the accessibility with mobile devices.
The user experience with a tablet or smartphone is different from the one obtained by browsing from a desktop computer.
Our projects, realized with responsive layouts and dedicated style sheets, recognize and adapt in the best way to each connected device.

responsive responsive responsive